Sunday, February 26, 2006

A weekend Geocaching Before the Storm

Today the team and I headed out for a little geocaching near a family member in Simi Valley, but when we realized that most of them were gone we opted to stay in our local Thousand Oaks. After a quick bite we headed out to the local park to grab two or three caches—quickly turned into one. Unfortunately only one cache was active in the park, so we quickly grabbed it.

I’m not sure if we’ve posted about it before, but we use the old Mexican peso as our personalized geocaching token, and we traded one for a $1 bill. Doesn’t sound like a fair trade, huh? Well the dollar was a “geocaching” dollar and was being tracked on, so we figured it would be fun to take it to our next cache. We had to move quick because the weatherman is predicting a large amount of rain!

All was going great until we moved up the street to our next park for caching. Excited about the chance to do a multi with the entire Trace Amigos team, we pulled up to the first step only to find that… the coordinates had worn away. What’s worse is that these coordinates have clearly been aging over time, and the last fellow to log this cache was only two (2) weeks ago! Why didn’t they alert the cache owner that these coordinates needed a little re-writing maintenance? We aren’t sure, but it was disappointing. Knowing we needed to find at least one more before the little one pooped out, we snagged a cache up the road only to find—and empty ammo box with a log. Nice. At least we got to see some interesting parts to the park that we’d never been to before.

Here’s a picture of the little one before she wiped out entirely:
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