Friday, February 24, 2006

Hilltop Nirvana - Yet Another Cache Adopted

Another local geocacher responded favorably to our offer to adopt caches that could no longer be maintained. A cache formerly called “Kurdt Cobain” was the first of a series of three geocaches tied together, that were deactivated because the owner had become to busy with the other necessities of life to maintain the location. We called it Hilltop Nirvana partly because we like the name, but also as a nod to the former cache-owners choice of cache name.

Click here for this cache’s details: Hilltop Nirvana (GCMK5H)

We didn’t adopt any of the other two, as hadn’t seen them and prefer to adopt only caches we’ve visited before. This cache sat on top of a small hill just below the area-famous “Eyebrows on the Hill” buildings that formerly housed our City Hall many years ago. City Hall moved out years ago, and the area fell into disrepair and became a preferred illegal shelter for transient homeless families. Eventually the city released the property for renovation and it is know known as “Hillcrest Center” and is home to new tenants.

When the adoption was completed on’s site, we stopped by this cache for maintenance before re-activating the location. The view from this cache location is phenomenal, but the cache was just a simple 35mm film canister. Adequate, yes. But interesting, no. The Army Decon container we used (look at our blog entry on April 11 2005 for pictures of this type of cache container) is large enough to trade small items and maintain a rather large log for caching. It’s about 1/8th the size of an ammo can, but much more appealing than a 35mm film canister.

Many thanks to Kurdt Green for allowing us to adopt this cache and share it once again with the community of geocachers.

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