Monday, February 27, 2006

Google Earth Accepts .GPX Files & Rainy Days

Wow. We just learned today that Google Earth also allows you to import .gpx files that we receive from our membership through the pocket queries function. Instead of dealing with the Geocaching KML (which shows every geocache in the area up to 150) we can now directly import our personalized geocaching .gpx files into Google Earth. It’s brainless, and can be tinkered with to improve visibility.

Here’s a screenshot of our GPX file import. Amazing!

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Can’t wait for the rain outside to stop so we can get back out geocaching. We’ll have to stay urban for about a week, otherwise we’ll have enough mud on our shoes to build a small hut.

Here’s a shot outside my office window in Westlake Village at 4:50pm today:

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