Friday, February 24, 2006

Another DNF - Cache Missing in the Brush

We intended to find a geocache in a hillier part of Thousand Oaks today, with no luck. Two days ago I stopped by this area, but a quick analysis of the brush told me that I wouldn’t be venturing down the hill in my work slacks.

Today in jeans and casual gear, I ventured down the hill and spent almost 20 minutes searching and searching for an AOL CD-ROM case geocache. Unfortunately, these caches are very slim and are easily hidden in this area. It’s been a few months since this cache was located, and we suspect it’s off course.

Click here for this cache’s details: Barely in T.O. (GCGB20)

Nothing worse than spending 20 minutes in the brush, off the beaten path—unable to turn up the geocache. Oh well. Better luck next time! We have no problem posting a DNF here. It’s critical to help cache owners know the status of their individual caches, and users afraid to post DNF’s actually may end up hurting the cache by “helping keep their reputation.”

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