Thursday, April 07, 2005

What's with the nickname acPilot?

It's actually pretty simple. Over the past 5-6 years, I have gone by many nicknames such as Casper, Risky, etc. When I registered with, I wanted to start fresh with a new nickname which identified one of my largest interests--commercial aviation.

Still confused? Yeah, I'm getting there myself.. but let's push on. Being a huge commercial aviation enthusiast, I have pictures and displays of various aircraft all over my offices. I'm a complete nut. When I'm not caching, I take part in another hobby called "Aircraft Spotting". Essentially, I camp out in a comfortable spot nearby a large airport and watch the aircraft (and sometimes log the aircraft registration numbers). I've never been able to explore the chance of being a pilot, so I took the next best thing: simulation.

While time is extraordinarily limited these days, I fill this empty aviation hole with flight simulation on my PC at home. Microsoft Flight Simulator makes a very realistic simulation platform for "armchair pilots" such as myself, to have a good time and satisfy our interests. Armchair pilot = acPilot, and that's my nickname.

I probably could have simplified this into 2 sentences, but then that would be a REALLY boring blog now, wouldn't it? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey acPilot, I'm a geocacher who loves airplanes also. While not a full scale pilot either, I get a lot of kicks out of Radio Controlled Model Airplanes. Electric powered stuff, fly at local parks where I live in Moorpark.

Rick (Rapid Rick on the Geocaching web site)

Anonymous said...

If you want to esperience flight at it's best then you need to take an introductory glider flight. I've been up three times now. The last time we were towed up to two thousand feet and I realeased from the tow plane. I got the chance to fly from tow release to landing. We hit a column of lift (rising air) and we went from 2000 ft to 5800 feet in ten minutes. Imagine 400 pounds of pilot and co-pilot student and 1200 pounds of plane being lifted 3800 feet in ten minutes with nothing but the lift of the wing and the rising column of 'll air. No motors and only the sound of the air ruching by the canopy. It's as close to being a bird a you can get. On top of that I got to do this in Phoenix Arizona over the dessert. It was beautiful to see the sun over the mountains and dessert. Now that's flying. Go for it. You'll never regret it.

Mark (maltaman on the geocaching site)