Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cache In, Trash Out (CITO)

Today was CITO day for the year of 2005. As you can see by the title, CITO means "Cache In, Trash Out." It's a reference given to the caching hobby, calling geocachers to visit all the caches they want, but in doing so to police the area for trash and other waste.

All over the world today, geocachers banded together in a unified collection of trash at some of the dirtiest cache sites. CITO events were established for groups of people to get together and collect garbage in support of our environment and community. While I couldn't visit a big site today, (the nearest was Hollywood) I was able to visit 2 of my local cache sites and pick up trash. By in large, the area I was at looked pretty clean, but after over an hour of walking and grabbing small/large pieces of trash I was shocked at the amount of stuff I'd collected. Here's a photo of the trash I grabbed today before it met the dumpster:
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I'm not an environmentalist, but I do respect my home and like to see it clean. Today, in support of the CITO-day theme, I decided to pack out all this trash. Please think about bringing along a big trash bag the next time you decide to go organized geocaching. Don't forget to recycle your glass and plastics either!

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