Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Spent Out

Well, the wife and the little geocacher spent the afternoon and evening with a few little friends and gave me the option to stay home. I couldn't rightly pass up a chance to snag a few more, so with our latest GPX file of the easier caches in town I hit the road.

With flip-flops and a pair of jeans, I decided to stick to the terrain 1 caches, and visited 5. 1 DNF, four finds. The DNF was in a residential neighborhood and guarded by a pretty large bumble bee, but to my credit I spent some considerable time looking anyway. No luck, moved on to the others.

One of the caches was atop a small hill in town, sporting a spectacular view of the departing sun. I had the evening to myself, so I only fit 5 cache visits into the afternoon before I hit the road. All in all, a great day caching. Cache count as of this evening is 46 found, 5 hidden.

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