Saturday, January 13, 2007

First Event Geocache - Farewell BLIG

Wow, what a night. All week we were planning to visit the Farewell BLIG event in Newbury Park to say farewell to one of the most meticulous puzzle-placing cachers in the Conejo Valley. When Friday came, the wifey was feeling ill so I spent the day home looking after her and the little one. Unfortunately, she was still feeling too ill to go but insisted that I visit and say goodbye to BLIG. I begrudgingly yielded and drove off to Magoo's in Newbury Park to visit and drink a few beers.

I arrived at 6:30pm PST sharp (just as the event cache said it would start) only to find the entire rear of the restaurant JAMMED to the hilt. Surely it had to be the event, but I was shocked to see everyone already settled and enjoying the evening at the moment the event was set to kickoff! We slid into a booth, introduced ourselves to a few nearby cachers and ordered a beer.

An hour later I'd found myself completely immersed in the local group (known locally as the Conejo Cachers) telling tall tales and giving me tips on defeating some of the harder puzzle caches in the area. Mom and the little cacher were stuck home, so come 8:45pm I finally decided it was time to leave and said my goodbyes. We dropped a travel bug (our first ever) into the collective trading bin with 7 California trackable wooden nickels. All in all, it was a terrific event that introduced us to some of the most active local cachers. If there's an event cache in our area again, we'll certainly be doing our best to be there again! Farewell BLIG. See you in Texas!

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