Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Long Time Away

We havn't geocached in almost a full year now. About this time last year I blew out my knee thanks to some loosey-goosey joints I was born with (thanks mom). Not to mention the little one was only just learning to walk and far less interested in geocaching than the rest of the family. That said, the joints are in better shape and the body is looking forward to some much-needed excercise. Enter geocaching again! Hopefully the little geocacher has more interest at the ripe old age of 2 (which she is intent on telling me about every 10 seconds) which will mean more caching for me again.

First on the agenda is fixing up one of our few placed caches in the southestern part of the town. A notice posted last week indicated that the cache had gotten wet and was dangerously close to a creepy crawly. Time for a re-placement and refreshment of that cache and we'd better do it soon.. it's supposed to get wet and grey tommorrow!

Last week saw the first order for wooden nickels again in over a year. I thought we'd sold them all (save about 30 or so) but we had at least 100 left over. Another geocacher was able to cache away at a convention thanks to his order, and just before we left for a holiday vacation.

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