Thursday, January 11, 2007

Geocaching Blog Gets a New Look!

Frustrated with the outdated feel and function of our blog, we ventured into the newsgroups looking for answers as to how to essentially upgrade this blog. We didn't have to look very far..

Apparently Google has made some very important and worthy upgrades to the Blogger service, chief amongst them being the point-click intuitive style of re-designing the blog's layout. We decided to take the plunge, and a mere 30 minutes later our blog is back and alive with much more function than before. We think it looks cooler too. :-)

You can now view our old blog posts via the toolbar on the right, without having to sift through them all to find the posts you might be looking for. Now we can directly link to posts that have been since-archived but are still useful points of reference. thanks Google Blogger! Trace Amigos is very pleased, indeed.

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