Friday, October 24, 2008

2 Caches Nabbed Today

I work in a pretty stressful sales environment for an aerospace company--things with the kind of numbers attached that we only read about in the Wall Street Journal--so it's no surprise that I found diving back into caching a highly relaxing activity today. After getting the PDA (see picture) set up again with the proper software, and firing up the GPX files, I grabbed two nearby caches that had spring up within a mile or two of my house. I half-expected to see them all over the place, but I suppose it's nice that many of the geocaches in my town are hidden in areas that are notable spots to stop and appreciate.

The first cache was somewhat irritating due to the haphazard placement (and likely shotgun GPS reading of the placer) and unhelpful clue. I was seeking an eclipse gum tin that was hidden behind a piece of old wood. Sounds fairly easy enough save that the area was littered with old wood. Having turned over almost every piece of wood and bark in the area, I was actually retreating back to my car when I spotted the cache.. at the bottom of a fencepost. After signing the log and replacing the cache, I snagged a small piece of wood and placed it somewhat over the little box. At least now the clue would be helpful to the next cacher.

On the way back to the house for dinner I dropped by a cache placed in the parking lot of a local pub.. and discovered one of the most remarkable camouflages yet. Someone had purchase an entire electrical conduit box, painted it, affixed magnets and placed it at the electrical box outside. Wow. So I only found two on this trip.. so what? :) No DNF's, and that second cache was worth 10 in my book.


Chris said...

That last one sounds like a cool cache!

Anonymous said...

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