Friday, October 24, 2008

Rejoining the World of Geocaching

What is this, my third time rejoining this wonderful hobby? Two things to say about Geocaching: 1) It's highly addictive 2) Its something that often comes with peaks and valleys.

When I joined, I was shocked when I discovered that my PDA+GPSr combo was an ideal geocaching tool. 5 years later and I still have the same PDA and GPSr combo, but I've replaced Mapopolis. Mapopolis has sadly folded along with many companies in this economic turmoil, so I switched to TomTom. Having also taken a new career path, I'm travelling all over the USA meeting customers and my 1GB SD card fits all streets and highways for the entire continental United States without having to move maps from the PC > card and visa versa. Additionally, I find TomTom to be much more user friendly when it comes to finding what I need and getting where I need to go.

So goal: Now that we've brought our 2nd kid into the picture and he's old enough to get out and about, we plan to rename our Geocaching team (TraceAmigos doesn't work now, as Trace was a play on words for "tres = three," and we are now four) and get back out there. Having Mapopolis to help me visually identify nearby caches was a MUST.. I'm praying that a similar capabilty exists for TomTom as well.

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